Waffle House Veterans Day 2024 – Get Military Discount Free

Waffle House Veterans Discount: It’s time to know about what Waffle House is offering as a Veterans Day discount. So, this article includes information regarding Waffle House military discounts and Waffle House Veterans Day discounts. We will also tell you about Waffle House’s senior discount and Waffle House’s policy.

Veterans Day is around and active duty and retired military members are looking for what the nation has done in their honor. Veterans Day freebies are listed on our page where you can find various discounts being offered by restaurants, clothing brands, and shopping stores. If you are a veteran or a military member, you can get free food, discounted meals, and discounted shopping items on November 11, 2024.

If you are a veteran and love waffles too, you might be waiting for Waffle House’s Veterans Day discount. Below are complete details about Waffle House Veterans Day and the military discount.

Waffle House Veterans Day meals

Waffle House Military Discount 2024 | Veterans Day Discount Details

Waffle House offers a 10% military discount to its honorable militarians and veterans on Veterans Day. However, there is a certain policy regarding this.

Waffle House Policy 

The Veterans Day discount varies from branch to branch. One Waffle House location might be providing a 10% discount, while the other wouldn’t be. You have to confirm your nearest location regarding this.

It is confirmed that Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee provide this discount.

You must have proof of your service, whether you are retired or an active duty person. The following things can serve the purpose:

  • The U.S. Formally dressed Services ID Card
  • The U.S. Formally dressed Service Retired ID Card
  • Current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
  • Veterans Organization Card, (for example, American Legion or VFW)
  • DD214 (The certificate of release/ discharge from active duty).
  • Reference or tribute

Waffle House Lunch & Dinner Favorites 2024

  • Angus Burgers
  • Texas Melts
  • Classic Dinners
  • Sandwiches
  • Sides
  • Hashbrownbowls
  • Pies
  • Hashbrowns
  • Beverages

Waffle House Veterans Day Discount Menu

Various breakfast, lunch, and dinner items are available at discount; ask your local branch about the menu of Veterans Day discount menu.

Does Waffle House Provide a Senior Discount?

Yes, it does. Senior discount by Waffle House depends solely upon the franchise owner and Senior management team. So, you have to ask your local outlet for confirming.

Does Waffle House Do a Veterans Day Discount?

Yes, Waffle House provides a Veterans Day discount on November 11, 2024.

Does Waffle House Give a Free Meal on Veterans Day?

No, Waffle House does not provide a free meal on Veterans Day; it rather provides a discounted meal.

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